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Whetstone 1000/6000

This grit combination is ideal for home use. The 1000 side sharpens dull kitchen knives and the 6000 side polishes your knife edge to the next level.

Though we manufactured the stone for kitchen use in mind, it can used with various other tools that require sharpening.

Extends the service life of your knives while providing it with a superior cutting edge, making the knives much safer during use.

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Whetstone 1000/6000 Sharpening Kit

The sharpening kit comes complete with the following items:

1. Whetstone 1000/6000

2. Angle  Guide

3. 30 ml Water Spray Bottle

4. Flattening Stone

5. Silicone Pad/Holder

6. Anti-Slip Bamboo Base

7. Quick Start Guide

8. Free E-Book (User Manual and Handbook)

Order your Sharpening Kit now at Amazon!



Angle guide helps new users to maintain an ideal angle while sharpening. Consistent angle is a key factor in the sharpening process.


The anti-slip bamboo base provides a sturdy support while you work on your knife. Its attractive design and color will also blend with any kitchen counters and can be used  to store and display the stone when it is not in use.

Order your Sharpening Kit now at Amazon!


Whetstone 1000/6000 

Raw materials used are carefully selected to ensure the highest grade and quality.


The abrasive, binder and filler material blend ratio is a result of years of careful research to ensure high performance, consistency and fast results.

Order your Sharpening Kit now at Amazon!


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